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Texas Fresh Start is dedicated to serving Texans by assisting them to clear off their police records using legal methods of expunction, non-disclousure and sealing of negative items on your background record.

You deserve a fresh start, don't let past issues stop you from getting that new job, or a loan or licence you are applying for!

The information on this website is presented to you so everyone can learn the recent changes in the laws, and how to go about finally getting your record cleaned up.

We offer complete packages that anyone can use without an attorney.  Our packages include all the required legal forms, contact information and easy to follow instructions for the do-it-yourself customer, or we can complete all forms with your information to ensure acceptance by the courts. If you would like additional information on our kits... click here!
Texas Fresh Start is here to help you, contact us today!

TEXAS FRESH START works hard for YOU!

We help you systematically work to clean off all items possible from your criminal records. Don't wait another day to get started, select a package and a Texas Fresh Start technician will contact you ASAP!

Make the LAW work for YOU
Make the LAW work for YOU

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Expunction/Sealing Records
Expunction: An expunction is a process by which you can have arrests and criminal charges completely removed from your record

Order of Non-Disclosure: If you have successfully completed Deferred Adjudication for a misdemeanor or felony, you may be eligible for an Order of Non-Disclosure which is document that a judge signs, ordering DPS and in turn all public agencies to no longer release information about the deferred adjudication punishment you completed.

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